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Dr. Zaid Babahami


It is an honor to serve people, to help the community be healthier and happier, and to know the work I do can make a lasting improvement in a person’s life. Oral health is closely tied to bodily wellness and how one feels about one’s smile impacts self-esteem. I want my patients to enjoy all the good things that life offers: a healthy body and a healthy smile!

One of the most rewarding aspects of my profession is the relationships I develop with my patients. Working one-on-one with people, taking my time to listen and learn, and building a trusting relationship, is deeply satisfying. I consider my patients to be my friends and I always provide the same level of attentive, professional care I’d expect for myself and my loved ones.

~ Dr. Zaid Babahami

Education and Experience

Dr. Zaid Babahami grew up in Baghdad, Iraq. Prior to studying dentistry, he was fascinated by how dental treatment and oral health can improve quality of life, and how having a beautiful smile not only changes appearance, but also self-confidence. With an interest in science and health, an artistic eye, and a desire to help others, dentistry was a natural career path.

Dr. Babahami received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Baghdad and obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) at Western University. He has been in private practice for over six years and each day is thankful for his career choice.

With his calm and warm demeanor, Dr. Babahami excels at helping patients relax, even those who are nervous, and soon all are at ease. His gentle touch, and patience, ensure painless care, and he constantly checks on how his patient is feeling. When the procedure is complete, Dr. Babahami reviews what was done, discusses home care, and answers any questions the patient might have. His greatest happiness is found when his patients are both happy with the care they have received and their healthier, more attractive smiles.

Professional Affiliations and Continuing Education

Dr. Babahami is an active member of the:

Each year he takes advantage of these memberships to further develop his knowledge and skills. By attending meetings, lectures, and seminars, he learns from leading researchers and practitioners in general dentistry.

In addition to studying the latest changes in methodologies and innovative technologies, Dr. Babahami seeks out courses in oral surgery, dental implants, and restorative dentistry. These services are of particular interest to his patients and he wants to ensure they are receiving the best modern dentistry offers.

Beyond the Office

When not at the office, or studying the latest dental trends and emerging research, Dr. Babahami enjoys relaxing at home. He is an avid reader, likes watching and playing soccer, and enjoys many volunteer activities through his church, as well.

Fady Halim

Always dreaded my dentist appointments, but Oakville smiles changed that completely to be honest. From the friendly staff that makes you feel instantly welcomed to the professional doctors. Everything about this place is how a dental clinic should be. Will definitely be going back without thinking twice!

Laura O

Oakville Smiles Family Dentistry is great! The staff is lovely and very helpful! The dentists are great and the front desk is amazing when it comes to helping you out with appointments and your insurance, always being super thorough! Super grateful!

Ali O'Connor

I had a really great dentist experience today. I have some PTSD when it comes to the drill and both the female dentist and assistant were very understanding. They accommodated me and helped me through the whole process. They were gentle and kept me informed. I listened to music to drown out the sound and they walked me through everything step by step. They were quick and effective taking into account my comfort the entire time. I will be going back again.

Oakville Smiles Family Dentistry - Oakville

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